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Totes into design.

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UX Design

I specialize in making products & experiences fun, easy-to-use and accessible by focusing on the user and their needs.

Information Architecture

Organizing and structuring data to make information digestible, productive, strategic and consumable.

Interaction Design

Applying psychology, technology and some magic to bring intuitive ways of using products and delighting users.

UX Strategy

Construct and implement plans for user-centered best practices and accountability at all stages of product research, design, development, deployment and beyond.

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Design Approach

"Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.” Charles Eames

Users and their needs come first. A little research and testing into a user's thought process and attitudes can lead to big insights, and open the gates to possibilities and innovative ideas.

I employ an iterative, user-first and strategic approach to design. Mix it with business requirements, a generous helping of visual pizzaz, platform optimizations, and interactive creativity for a winning solution to design challenges.

I specialize in creating, strategizing and documenting amazing experiences for everything from the smallest of applications to most complex of enterprise-level challenges. I have over 10 years experience architecting and designing for web, mobile, tablet, desktop, wearables, AR & VR, SaaS, PaaS, analytics platforms, big data, and IoT.

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